Common answers to your questions

How do I get access to Kling AI?

Access to Kling AI is currently available through a waitlist. Sign up on our homepage to join the waitlist and receive an invitation.

How do I activate the Kling AI tool?

To activate Kling AI, click on the banner with the adorable panda on our site, specify your role and purpose, and provide your Chinese mobile number and Kuaishou ID.

How do I join the Kling AI waitlist?

To join the Kling AI waitlist, simply visit our homepage and fill out the sign-up form with your details.

How does Kling AI compare to Sora AI?

While both Kling AI and Sora AI are cutting-edge video generation models, Kling AI offers longer video durations, improved physics simulation, and advanced 3D reconstruction. Unlike Sora AI, Kling AI is available through a waitlist.

Can I use Kling AI if I’m not in China?

At present, Kling AI requires a Chinese mobile number and a Kuaishou ID for activation, which may limit access for users outside of China.

What kind of videos can Kling AI create?

Kling AI can create a wide range of videos, including realistic scenes of people, animals, and environments. Some sample videos include a boy on a bicycle, a horse in the desert, and a person eating noodles.

Why is there a waitlist for Kling AI?

The waitlist helps manage the rollout of Kling AI, ensuring a smooth experience for new users as the platform scales up its capabilities.

Who can benefit from using Kling AI?

Filmmakers, content creators, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in AI-driven video creation can benefit from using Kling AI to enhance their projects with realistic, high-quality videos.